I am Matthew Craig

My Personal Portfolio and Blog

A little About Myself

Pursuing an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications at Clackamas Community College, where I am gaining knowledge and experience in network design and management, server administration, and cloud computing.

  • Knowledgeable in TCP/UDP applications including website security
  • Fluent in Linux and Windows Server environments
  • Experience in maintaining Enterprise level blade servers.
  • Knowledge in WiFi security and signal efficiency
  • Knowledgeable in 10Gb Networking and fiber-channel

  • Experience in Server Applications including Proxmox, VMWare, and Oracle
  • Fluent in low-voltage cabling practices
  • JBOD Management
  • Strong customer-service and people-skills
  • Interested in learning and expanding my skill-sets

Home Lab Network

I often spend my time working on various projects which I hope better my knowledge. One of these things is my personal Home-Lab Network

Home Theater

Networking isn’t my only strong suit. I consider myself a “cinephile,” and enjoy configuring the perfect home sound stage.